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Dice.com Career News

"JobHuntExpress: A Tool to Help Manage Your Job Search

Nowadays, about 6.3 workers are vying for each job opening...this means job seekers...face the chore of juggling numerous contacts, openings and job descriptions. A new rule of thumb: Be organized, or lose the opportunity...

Now, there's an app to help you do it."

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Tech News World

"Job Hunt Express is software designed to help the active job-seeker juggle contacts and openings in his or her quest to land a new gig. The application is an effective organizer, and part of its value resides in how it gives the user a tool to handle what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming situation..."

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WorkWrite.net Blog

"Check out this new job search tool...If you spend a significant part of your day wondering the name of the person you talked with yesterday or if you've made that follow-up call, here's a solution for you to consider...Job Hunt Express is the newest job search management software to help you maintain your job search records..."

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"Job Hunt Express is a software package that helps job candidates navigate a very difficult job market...A perfect tool to help downsized employees get their job search started...easy to use and very economical..."

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IT Knowledge Hub

"Job Hunt Express: A Helpful App for Catching the Employment Train..."

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FDC Blog Review

"Organize, target, and cultivate all of your job opportunities, recruiters, and other important networking contacts quickly and effectively with powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to make you more successful at getting that great job that you deserve...Overall: A very nice tool for managing job hunt."

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Linux Insider

"For job seekers unfamilar with database software or personal information managers, or disinclined to customize off-the-shelf software, Job Hunt Express is an easy-to-use and affordable alternative. For those users, its targeted approach to managing an employment search can take some of the drudgery out of looking for a new gig and the helplessness that accompanies the loss of a job.

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WareSeeker Review

"Job Hunt Express is a professional and ideal product...Job Hunt Express provides you with everything that you need to ramp up your job search efforts to work more effectively on more opportunities with much less effort and time involved."

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What Our Users Are Saying About Job Hunt Express...


"After not having to do a meaningful job search in the last 15 years, I was terrified and floundering about. I was lucky enough to find your software early on, and it provided me with the framework and tools that allowed me to plan and organize my daily search activities. As a result, I was able to implement a thorough and far more robust job search process and this has been noticed by many people, including hiring managers. It has increased my confidence and I am projecting an enhanced image of professionalism and success as a result. I am seeing more doors opening for me every day and I could not be happier nor more pleased with the results of using Job Hunt Express."

Tim T.

"I am returning to work Monday after an eight month absence.  I received the offer about six weeks after buying Job Hunt Express, which enabled me to ramp up my effort while making “on the fly” adjustments to my job search strategy.  Just this week I had to choose between 2 offers while turning down several new interviews  I simply could not have accomplished all of the activities it took to get the job offers without your software.  Thank you for providing me with the tools to get my job search back on track!"

Jane M.

"What an awesome tool!  It took me about 15 minutes to learn to use it and I totally rely on it as I navigate my first real job hunt.  Thanks so much for helping me to put my best foot forward."

Erin G.

"My career coach recommended Job Hunt Express and it was the best advice I have ever received.  Together, my coach and I are mapping out custom strategies for each job opportunity and Job Hunt Express makes it easy and fast to implement and track all of it.  In fact, I cannot imagine running an effective job search without it."

Mark T.

"I just got a job and had to write to you.  I am convinced that I would not have gotten the job offer had I not had the hiring manager’s hot buttons right at my fingertips when she called out of the blue.  Instead, I quickly pulled up her contact record and “wowed” her with my recollection of our conversation and her concerns from five weeks ago.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Mary P.

"I knew I was missing something in my approach to my job search. I didn’t need a new resume or talking points, but more like a way to put it all together.  Job Hunt Express provided me with a way to put my best foot forward on a consistent basis."

Tom R.

"The To Do List is the first thing that I check on the morning and the last thing that I check at night.  It has helped me to be sure that I am doing everything possible to get a new job and that nothing has fallen through the cracks."

Brian S.

"I just got a job and wanted to let you know that your software played a big part in helping me to get through this very trying time for me.  It saved me a lot of time and frustration and kept me on track thoughout the process.  I am your biggest fan!"

Wendy B.

"My neighbor uses your software and recommended it to me.  After seeing what it can do, I owe him.  Great product!"

Jim H..

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