Tips for Getting the Job

♦  It's a Numbers Game I. Apply to every possible job opportunity that you can find, even if it does not appear to be a perfect fit. You never know which opportunity is going to turn into or lead you to that dream job.

It's a Numbers Game II. Talk to as many colleagues, family members, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and anyone else with a willing ear as possible. You never know who is going to be the right connection for that great job.

Think Strategically, Act Tactically. Have a specific strategic plan for every job opportunity and networking contact. Have a tactical plan that you can easily follow to achieve these strategies. Haphazard efforts never turn out well.

Practice, Practice, Practice. Take as many interviews and tell as many people about your skills and experiences as possible. It takes a long time and many such discussions to develop a polished interview pitch and, once developed, you must use it regularly to stay in top form.

Follow Through. Much like a golf stroke or batting swing, follow through is everything. Be sure that you follow up on all opportunities in a timely fashion and never miss an activity that you have committed to. Be punctual, precise, and persistent.

Don't Get Caught Off Guard. Be completely prepared for the unexpected call from a hiring manager or potential referrer. Have all information and notes readily available to speak intelligently and confidently on the matter at hand.

Be Happy. Candidates that are enthusiastic and optimistic have the best chance to win the good jobs. Be sure that you are exuding positive energy any time you have contact with someone involved in your job search process.

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