Additional Features of Job Hunt Express

♦  Economical.  At our very low price, the software costs less than a tank of gas or a new video game.  And it is tax deductible as a job search expense.  Isn't your career worth such a small investment?

♦  Simple to use.  The software is simple and intuitive to use.  Our "Getting Started: Help files will get even the most novice user up and running fast.

♦  Convenient and Fast.  All of your data and activities are stored in one, easily accessible place.

♦  No limits.  Store an unlimited number of companies, contacts, recruiters, opportunities, research data, activities, events, etc.  You will not need anything else for your data.

♦  Internet Optional.  After your initial installation download, no Internet connection is required.  Access and use data anywhere and any time from the complete privacy of your computer.

♦  Secure.  Your personal identity security is enhanced because your private data is only stored on your PC and not on a vulnerable web server located somewhere in cyberspace.  No one has access to your data but you!

♦  Practical.  Our Quick Print feature lets you print out contact information and notes with a single click that sends you out the door to interviews and other meetings with all of the data that you need to have at your fingertips.

♦  Fast Start Up.  The software installs in minutes on any Win XP, Vista, or Win 7 PC and is delivered as a one-time download from the Internet immediately after your purchase.

Don't delay any longer.  Get the competitive edge that you need to win the job that you want with Job Hunt Express!

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