Your Job Hunt Can Be
More Efficient
More Effective
In Under 30 Minutes!

Our "Top 10" System Gets You Started Fast:

1.  Watch the 6-minute Job Hunt Express Video Tutorial.
2.  Enter your Top 10 hottest job opportunities, recruiters, and/or networking contacts into Job Hunt Express.  If you already have this information in a spreadsheet or other application, you can save time by simply cutting and pasting the data into the software.  You now have a focused database on your most active prospects
3.  Using Job Hunt Express' powerful To Do List feature, map out a strategy of next steps for each of these Top 10-ers.
4.  Each morning, check the Daily Task List to watch for activities that you have scheduled to move your job hunt forward.
5.  You are now using Job Hunt Express to carefully manage your most important current contacts and opportunities.

Once You've Gotten Your "Top 10" Under Control:

1.  Add new job opportunities, recruiters, and networking contacts as you uncover them.  At first, only enter minimal, basic information and an action item for follow up. You only need to add more data once you are sure that it is a real prospect worth tracking closely.  This culling approach also is a good way to avoid wasting time on low quality prospects.
2.  Add older job opportunities, recruiters, and networking contacts as they normally come up on your job hunt radar screen.  You can also quickly scan your old files occasionally to see if any are worth contacting again.  This reverse culling approach is also a good way to eliminate non-productive contacts that are mostly distractions.
3.  Over a short period of time and almost effortlessly, you now have built up your new database of contacts, making you more efficient and more effective for your current job search and many future job hunts throughout your career.

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